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The new Catalina Series

The new Catalina Series "Gazebo Roof", an interior with a 9' flat interior ceiling, featuring 80" tall windows. The kitchen and bonus room features 42" tall overhead cabinets.

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The "Cavco on-site"  program is a factory walk through program, offered to our customers to insure fast and prompt care for their home. The factory brings a representative, which is usually a service technician, that walks through the home, noting any items that need correction, and ad the same time explaining to the customer use and care of their home. This has been an exceptional program offered for almost a decade, and has proven to be very beneficial with our customers satisfaction rating.

The "Energy Star Ready" home , offered as an affordable option  to the retailer and customer by the factory , helps to insure the home is energy efficient, and prepared for the retailer to complete the process, and give the customer a home that can be "Energy Star Qualified". Once completed, the home will have top rated insulation in the roof, 6" walls with R-19 insulation, vinyl dual pane windows, a wrap around the hot water heater, and other features. Once our home is "Energy Star Qualified", we issue you a certificate  that your home has met the requirements and is Energy Star Qualified.